Sodastream 1L Carbonating Bottle with…

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Siobhan Well, these are the replacements for the current model SodaStrream home soda makers except for the Penguin that uses the glass bottles. [...] do what they need to do (hook up to the carbonator and hold your carbonated water). Pleased with my Abt purchase since they were the best price on the net[...] - no problems with my order or with the product.

Forrest The SodaStream soda machine usually comes with only one or two soda bottles to make your fizzy drinks. I needed additional ones so I purchased these from ABT. ABT sold them for the best prices on the Internet at the time of purchase.

The bottles last about 2-3 years and purchasing them now gives me additional soda/sparkling water capacity in addition to saving money in the long run; these items will most likely increase in price in the future.

The bottles are genuine products made by the manufacturer of SodaStream and are not cheap copies.

Misty the Soda Maker I ordered extra bottles to go with my SodaStream homemade soda maker machine. The bottles arrived quickly and were packaged to prevent damage during shipping.


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Sodastream 1L Carbonating Bottle with…

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